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green power about green energy. We has taken the initiative of being green. Today(2014): this website is 100% green (Toronto / Canada).The other (2013) is 50% green (Firenze / Italy). The US office is 25% green and the french 13.6% (2014). We want 100 % in the short term. We are working.   ipblock about IP block system This website has a tracking IP system. We block hidden IP or fake IP, for security reasons. If you have nothing to hide, try connect without hidden IP address. The system include an heuristic analyser, and can add IP by itself. Ce site internet a un systéme de trace des adresses IP. Nous bloquons les IP masquées ou "fausses", pour des raisons de sécurité. Si vous n'avez rien à cacher, essayez de vous connecter avec votre vrai IP. The website manage itself a list of "bad" IP. Le site gére seul une liste de "mauvaises" adresses IP.

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